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Re: Total utilization of Modules

Camptocamp SA, Yannick Vaucher - Camptocamp
- 09/11/2014 10:28:56
Github also gives few information about which project is the most downloaded.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know which module is used.


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 1:19 PM, Sylvain LE GAL <> wrote:
Hi all,

I recently talked with Raphael Valyi (Akretion) and we was agree with a basic need: We would like to know which modules / repositories are used by the community.

Currently, it's not very easy to have this information. The only information (I know) is the Download Quantity on and if I understand correctly, this information is based on:
- direct download number;
- number of people using this module on saas;
(Please correct me if I'm wrong on this point)

So, If we deploy server using git / bzr command / buildout, etc... Nobody can knows that we're using some modules (and in which version of Odoo). Maybe I'm wrong but I think that most of us deploy server in this ways.

I basically see two solutions to meet this need. (if you see other please share your ideas):

1/ Communication based on volontary action:
We can imagine that there is some features on a website where we can log in and share informations on each module / repository we used or we tried. As other "apps store" (Ubuntu, ...). it is possible to put a notation / notations about modules (covered feature, stability, documentation, etc...) and extra comments.
In this way and if Odoo SA is agree we can reuse and propose that extra-features.

2/ Automatic Communication:
In other way, we can imagine some tools that send regularly to a server informations on which module we are using.
- an Odoo module with cron task;
- a script that parse buildout configuration files; (but in that case, we'll have only the most popular repositories and not the most used modules);
- other...

What do you think about that ?
Do you need too this informations ?

Thanks & Regards

By the way, I recently developped a module to see repositories used in your server. (If you deploy using git / bzr repo)
The Pull Request is ready to review here and you can see screenshot here.
Comments & reviews are welcome.

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