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Re: OCA and modules dependencies

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 09/11/2014 04:58:40
Sometimes I read things in diagonal too quickly.

I understood bad what Lorenzo was saying but at the end the example I send it could be taken as like it is... one example.

Now... I agree that if hr_payroll_register_report is included in any OCA repository and it has got a dependency with aeroo there is 2 ways:
1. include Aeroo in OCA project
2. Erase hr_payroll_register_report from OCA

3. proposal would be, mantain it on OCA project but explain exactly on module the dependency and the link to download aeroo if it's on github. 

But... 3. option is breaking tests so... Why not including in an isolated repository/OCA project all modules having external dependencies? People could select if including those modules on their installings or not. Just and Idea.

2014-09-11 10:49 GMT+02:00 Ana Juaristi <>:
Taking the example of aeroo explained by Lorenzo... I think that one generic report engine should not have dependencies with specific reports depending on other modules like payroll. 
Proposal could be cleaning this kind of dependencies, spliting module in 2 modules if necesary (I know it can be big work but if we want mantaining OCA modules quality it should be like that)
Goin on with example, hr_payroll_register_report module should depend on aeroo but not aeroo has to be dependant of hr_payroll_register_report since maybe people using aeroo could have even not installed hr_payroll. 
I don't know if I'm explaining well.

IMHO if a module depending on any community module outside OCA, should only be accepted if reasons for being like that are clearly explained on module description and link to needed additional repository on github where module is located is included on it. I think OCA should not be accepting modules depending on private repositories or modules stored in other repositories but github. 
Otherwise, would be complicated simply using OCA repositories and knowing what and how properly download everything to make some modules work. 

@david  and @community --> Sorry for my long disclaimer but it seems that is legal requirement in our country. I will try erasing it when I send something to this list. :)

Thank you everybody:


2014-09-11 10:23 GMT+02:00 Lorenzo Battistini <>:
On 09/10/2014 06:25 PM, Ana Juaristi wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
+1 OCA modules shouldn't have dependencies on other Odoo modules

I take the chance of this thread to bring to your attention the aeroo issue, that is already a dependency of some HR modules like hr_payroll_register_report. At the moment this dependency is making the tests fail.

I'm favourable to include the aeroo modules within the OCA (at, but I don't know if this has been discussed yet and I would like to know the opinions of Kaspar Vilkens and OCA members.


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