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OCA and modules dependencies

Akretion, David Béal
- 09/09/2014 04:52:36
Hi community and OCA repository keeper,

Please let me know your advice.

I've done this PR

It fails because module 'delivery_dropoff_site' requires 'file_repository' and 'file_document' modules which is not available on OCA.

delivery_dropoff_site is used in this repo

which is used in production by our customers

Coliposte/Colissimo carrier modules could be accepted by OCA like postlogistics  but not their dependencies

'file_repository' and 'file_document' modules have common features with

May be for V8 it could be merged (with other modules) to do the 'file exchange' solution with odoo but it' impossible for V7

- In which repo can I put modules 'file_repository' and 'file_document' : OCA (only for v7), akretion, a new repo with all 'file exchange' solutions which are not in OCA ?
- Is delivery_dropoff_site module could be accepted in OCA ? How to manage non OCA dependencies case ?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

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