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Re: Fwd: Issue Labeling :: Suggestion :: to Fabien Pinkaers (CEO Odoo)

Houssine BAKKALI
- 09/05/2014 04:16:55
I agree with Alexandre, these tags have proved their value.

David why use the same tag with extra line while the tag itself could do both (e.g say it's closed and that's it's a duplicated)? loose the semantic could have benefit sometimes(and I don't want dig into this discussion).

if I may ask you something David, is to avoid to move the scope of the initial thread or to move it inside the thread as we loose the initial focus. Start a new thread instead cause people have to read all this , it's very time consuming,  that it's counter productive and rarely fall into actions or actions not scaling the amount of energy spent in the discussion.

let's be pragmatic please and move step by step...

2014-09-03 17:54 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Fayolle <>:
On 03/09/2014 08:09, David Arnold wrote:
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Hi Alexandre

thanks! Is thare a OCA project which we could report to be doing an excellent job in issue labeling?

Publically talking about good examples might be always a good idea :-) 

On the other hand 10 lables (as currently used in OCA) is probably not within KISS (Keep It Simple and Strategic) principles.

Some loose syntactical mindshare:

  • bug -> bug-unconfirmed
  • duplicate -> a simpler syntax without structure overhead would be "closed with a human comment and a link"

  • enhancement -> feature
  • help wanted -> this is already at the limits of the "issue nature" - it has a common intersection with "docs-needed" of my suggestion (which is IMO a very useful tag)

  • invalid -> closed with a comment, saving on structural overhead
  • question -> docs-needed
  • needs fixing -> bug-confirmed

  • needs review -> I understand this beeing for pull requests only, but doesn't every pull request need a review (details going as comments)?
  • work in progress -> I think the assign function would be a better way to say, that someone is doing something about it.

  • wontfix

If you ask me to, I can adapt the raw document to make it OCA guidline proposal, so to have mutually compatible best practices (I'm a dreamer ;)

Saludos Cordiales

David Arnold

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this practices are materialized on the maintainers-tools OCA project. And frankly, we are very happy with the tags we came up with for now. These labels came from our day to day needs. I understand you want to do good. What we need right now is reviews on the "needs review" tagged PR, help on the "help wanted" PR, fixes on the "bug" tagged issues.

If you want to suggest changes in our tagging, please start by using the existing tags, to get a real feel of how things are done. Then, after a while, you may submit an Issue to open discussion.

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