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Re: [SPAM] MRP Experts! Get involved now for the MRP module requirements definition

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 09/05/2014 01:27:37
Hi again

I wanted to ask how my suggestion of a explanatioin coulmn was received as no one commented on that. I feel, that requirements that are all too technical in their presentation (which is the case here) have their built in faulty bias, excluding people who would know about the topic, but have difficulties to understand the proposal and then get intimidated by those who inherently feel easy about the technical layer. Like this we get a disbalanced input stream and probably miss goals of representativity and excelence. I can't estimate how real this risk might be, but it seems very plausible to me, that it exists. If we look at the numbers, there are some 1000 people (I'm not sure about the number, but the order of magnitude should be mor or less right) registered on the mailing list, but relatively few participate at all. So preclusion happens for some reasons. I just want to put things into perspective...

What do you think? Do I porbably overestimate the risks or misperceive the situation?

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold