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Re: MRP Experts! Get involved now for the MRP module requirements definition

Akretion, David Béal
- 09/04/2014 12:11:27
Hi all,

Thanks to the authors of the Manufacturing requirements list, good job.

Only few remarks

Missing feature: products could have a revison/version. A product revision have a matching plan/drawing revision
impact in sale/purchase order line, stock move, etc. Really used in sub contractor industry

Product Category
As it's defined "Specify Quality Control lines". That's ok but quality control lines are like
standard routing lines of operations made in a workcenter. Then maybe ok to attach defaut routing to product category

"Have many BOM Versions but only one active at a specific date" OK but depends sometimes of subcontractor availability or internal ressource availability

Work center / Operation
"Define a Supplier if the operation is subcontracted": In general buyers (and planification service) in industry want to choose/change subcontractor by themselves (price or availability). They only want than manufacturing services define what kind of skills is needed for the operation

off topic (sorry @maxime)
physical machine -> workcenter -> workshop -> plant/factory
For each you need to define most of the same informations and have an easy structure to calculate (time charging)
May be we could consider it like a chart of accounts or product categories

Thanks for the intiative

my 2 cents

David BEAL - Akretion - Odoo Development / Integration
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2014-09-04 14:04 GMT+02:00 Maxime Chambreuil <>:
Good morning everyone,

The target version has not been decided yet.

First we want/need to define what the user will be able to do. User doesn't care about the version at this point, the same about how features are split/architectured in terms of modules.

Priority is defined at requirement #3, set on product, partners, etc. at #6, #9 #13 and #28 and used at #106, #107 and #146.

Maxime Chambreuil
+1 (514) 276-5468 #126

Thanks a lot to everyone involved.
Has it been agreed already which version will be the target, v7 or v8?


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