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Re: How much should Odoo documentation cost

Nhomar Hernandez
- 09/04/2014 07:51:40

2014-09-04 6:46 GMT-04:30 Timothy Solomon [OpenERP Africa] <>:
Opensource system, paid for documentation. Sorry, that sounds like a really bad idea to me!

No men, Please don't misunderstood the words of this guy.

To avoid a flame war ;-), let me explain by myself

He is NOT telling "Close" the source of doc, he is telling "pay the time to opensource a proffesional doc" this is totally different, remember Free as Freedom not as Free beer.

The documentation should be opensource (perhaps crowdsourced like wikipedia)

That "Exactly" the point, are you agreed with pay "something" that the open question here.

Why dont you rather send your valuable time writing a good ebook on how to use the different functions of openerp for specific business needs. I would buy a book like that.

That's the point either -I think-

We in our company expend A LOT of money just "translating" to spanish the doc in v6.1 and it was a huge invesment which we afford on that moment but I can not do that for all versions then if we can have good writters with correct technical skills on the community to use opensource tools, with opensource process, and with opensource strategy but with a "cost" I thin is a good approach, even in the OCA we have some topics dicussing about that.


I think the same about an "Example Chapter" because even the original book have a lot of issues in terms of scope, deep analysis and so on.

May be a good approach is:

Go here:

copy trunk branch.

write a chapter there (decide you a good topic where you are good)

and as Jerry MaGuire's movie. "Show Me the money ;-)" [1]





Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez