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Re: How much should Odoo documentation cost

Taimoor Yousaf
- 09/03/2014 21:54:45
How about a kickstarter campaingn?

On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 10:07 PM, Borut Jures <> wrote:
I've been reading the discussion about documentation. When Fabien wrote they will not write it, I was enthusiastic. I registered OdooDocs domain and planned to write it myself (I have experience writing such documentation from another ERP). I know how much time and work is required but I like writing documentation (strange since I'm also a programmer).

My idea was similar to what somebody here proposed - combined technical and functional documentation. The goal is to write the functional documentation. The technical notes help me as a writer and maintainer. I have many other ideas how to put documentation where it is needed - in the browser as part of the UI. But it is premature to think about this.

I like the community spirit but while it works for writing code it doesn't work for writing documentation. How many books do you know that were written by more than one author? In our case large parts will have to be written by a single author. It can be commented and improved by the community but at the end somebody has to edit it and put everything together.

Many of you expect to get the documentation for free. The problem is I cannot do it for free. Who can? It is a full time job. Somebody may start working on it for free, but will not finish it.

We cannot avoid the question of how much are we willing to pay for the documentation. And it is not a one-time cost like buying a book. It is a monthly subscription cost (unless developers stop changing the code).

How much are functional consultants and power users willing to pay per month? And how many of them will pay? Is Odoo SA willing to pay contributors/authors?

Without these numbers I'm afraid the only words about the documentation will be written on this mailing list.

Please help me solve the problem of how to be compensated for my time and I'll start working on it tomorrow.

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