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Re: Odoo Web Api online version

Houssine BAKKALI
- 09/03/2014 10:57:54
Sorry I though you were talking about the web client api of 6.1

the doc you're refering to is the one of the web service api and I don't think it has changed so much

maybe OERPLib will fit your needs. It's an api that allows you to manage your openerp instances

2014-09-02 14:02 GMT+02:00 Luis Miguel Sarabia <>:

Hi houssine.
Thanks for your answer.
Sorry, i did not understand the word depecrated. Did you mean that the documentation is no longer valid?
If that is the case, is there anybody that could help?
Thank for clarifying.

El sep 2, 2014 3:52 AM, "Houssine BAKKALI" <> escribió:

This documentation is depecrated since version 7.0

Le 28 août 2014 03:44, "Luis Miguel Sarabia" <> a écrit :
Dear Community,

I would like to use the Web Api for odoo SaaS. 
I have installed the web_api online module in the Odoo SaaS.
I have been reviewing the documentation of the following link

I could figure it out the relation between the web_api and the information stated in the link. Is the information for this link updated for the SaaS version of Odoo?

Any ideas or help?

Thanks a lot.

Luis Miguel Sarabia


Teléfono : +51 993 707 670
Skype : luismiguel.samemotion

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