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Re: Fwd: Issue Labeling :: Suggestion :: to Fabien Pinkaers (CEO Odoo)

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 09/03/2014 01:53:46
Hi Alexandre

thanks! Is thare a OCA project which we could report to be doing an excellent job in issue labeling?
Publically talking about good examples might be always a good idea :-) 

On the other hand 10 lables (as currently used in OCA) is probably not within KISS (Keep It Simple and Strategic) principles.

Some loose syntactical mindshare:
  • bug -> bug-unconfirmed
  • duplicate -> a simpler syntax without structure overhead would be "closed with a human comment and a link"
  • enhancement -> feature
  • help wanted -> this is already at the limits of the "issue nature" - it has a common intersection with "docs-needed" of my suggestion (which is IMO a very useful tag)
  • invalid -> closed with a comment, saving on structural overhead
  • question -> docs-needed
  • needs fixing -> bug-confirmed
  • needs review -> I understand this beeing for pull requests only, but doesn't every pull request need a review (details going as comments)?
  • work in progress -> I think the assign function would be a better way to say, that someone is doing something about it.
  • wontfix

If you ask me to, I can adapt the raw document to make it OCA guidline proposal, so to have mutually compatible best practices (I'm a dreamer ;)

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold