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Re: Production Costing

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 09/02/2014 13:53:38
Reformulated - yet another attempt to establish a honest exchange of thoughts:
- If we have the concept of a white board to mingle and sort costs​ (can be analytic or CoA)
- If we register those costs
- If we need this on CoA anyhow (WIP Account of the CoA) for accounting reasons (at least at some sumary level)
- Why should we go for analytics in the first place? (Question 1)
- And why should the arguement apply that doing the same thing on analytics is practical why doing the same thing on CoA is impractical or would not work in practice (as claimed by Nhomar and Zakaria)? (Question 2)
- I'm saying: we should go for analytics anyhow, but in the second place to get a more detailed view for continous production. And in the first place, when you think about projects (which are inherently analytic accounts - actually nobody ever challanged this), because the accompanying project accounting (in the CoA) is most likely done MANUALLY by an Accountant.

I hope, really hope, that someone can answer Question 1! This would then probably also answer the question, how to get inventory levels right in CoA. (Haridanto summed that up from my previous concerns)

On the other hand (offtopic): I'm getting a bit tired of NO or BAD communication. Maybe I just have to retire and acknowledge, that it is not possible (or I'm not able) to establish a fruitful discussion here, while a certain taint of political flavored high level opinioning is being practiced. This is potentially devastating for anyone motivated to try to advance this community on the basis of knowledge and truth rather than meritocracy, hirarchy or anything else proven to be the cancer of political ecosystems when out of balance. The merit of meritrocracy is stability, the merit of knowledge is excellence. (offtopic end)

I think this is my last thought sharing on this topic, so if you bother to answer, please consider doing so carefully :)

Thanks anyone for following this discussion, I hoped you could have made some (personal) benefits out of it. I hope it was interesting, and did not bore you. I hope we can finally understand what Samvadha and what is our personal duty within it.

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold

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2014-09-02 11:01 GMT-05:00 David Arnold <>:
Hi Nhomar it is an unfortunate coustom to drop high level opinions and refuse to be more precise on request. This is not what I percieve an advancement in discussion. Well, my question was: please be specific about why you think it is impossible... You may need to read and understand my suggestions in detail first. The answer to this is certainly not asking me about colombian legislation.

@Zakaria: I think you got it, and it is exactly what I'm trying to say: "Analytics are a white board or a notebook(as I put it)". Analytics may be good for building a bridge or a house. And please read over this line twice: You can use analytics in any case to get more insight, but we need a minimised version on our Chart of Accounts. So I repeat: We need those things on the Chart of Accounts AS WELL (verify with your accountant). There are also "whiteboard accounts" (WIP accounts in many CoA) for this, in the end a normal account is the same whitboard with more stringent entry control. Can you confirm this? If you agree, I come back to my question of the beginning, which was sumed up by Hardianto: How do we get those CoA moves at the right time with OpenMRP's proposal.

I would very much appreciate, if finally anyone can answer this last question. So far I understand, that the answer is: we just don't, am I wrong? - Thats great! - from an accounting perspective... ;)

Best Regards