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Re: Production Costing

Nhomar Hernandez
- 09/02/2014 12:38:56

2014-09-02 11:40 GMT-04:30 David Arnold <>:
Hi Nhomar it is an unfortunate coustom to drop high level opinions and refuse to be more precise on request. This is not what I percieve an advancement in discussion. Well, my question was: please be specific about why you think it is impossible... You may need to read and understand my suggestions in detail first. The answer to this is certainly not asking me about colombian legislation.

I am sorry David. but remember "nobody 'must' answer your", don't take me wrong, but if you are not agreed with a PoV (everything is a PoV no there are 'absolute true' on this kind of topic) and other people doesn't expend the time to argument with you it is them decistion. Here comes a frase which I like a lot.

"Your Rights start where your duties finish".

Then, IMHO I read everything and it is very clear, even by myself took A LOT of internal R&D reading the book, translating it, making PoC, losing money for mistakes (yes we made exactly your point some years ago and it was a HUGE mistake) and aaaaall that knowledge (knowledge==Information + Experience) I can't sit 3 hours and explain to you (with dedicated time) "why and where you are wrong" if you are not open to read the answers given already.

It means "It is NOT your 'right' receive the answer you 'expect'" you can ask for them, but not necesarly you will receive them.

On this case openmrp team ask read the doc, and you was not agreed with one point openermrp team told you why (some emails ago) and you "insist" on receive an answer which can't be given for "you" because the answer is there in documentation+pad+tasks.


Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez