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Re: Production Costing

Nhomar Hernandez
- 09/02/2014 04:21:49

2014-09-02 3:19 GMT-04:30 David Arnold <>:
Please, help me advancing this discussion by falsifying any of the above points or further hidden implications, thanks.


The main issue with your approach is that you didn't understand that it is almost impossible do that in terms of process for a Pyme.

Continuous inventory (which is the concept you are trying to explain) is not recommended by the IFRS even when you manufare product, the human control for that is "huge", that's what Ana and Pedro are trying to explain you 5 emails ago.

It is not a matter of "We don't understand the concept" it is a matter of "Your are not understanding ours.",

I am totally agreed with your PoV and I understand perfectly (I think must of us do it), even I can compliment my point (which is not contradictory to yours just complimentary) with some books which explain so better than me.

Taken from the book "Principle of accounting:" [1]

Concurrent with recording the fourth entry, another entry would be made to record the sale (debit Accounts Receivable and credit Sales). The difference between Sales and Cost of Sales would be the gross profit. These entries assume a perpetual inventory system; the same result could be achieved with a periodic system like that illustrated earlier in the book.

Then IMHO, you "can" actually enable perpetual inventory on odoo (all stock move will generate the account move line that you need) and mix them with analytic (to make the close period).

But you can even take this elements from other places (be carefull with payroll because not all the payroll can be linked)

Then, may be in a second sprint with a higher budget Ana's team can achieve a deeper approach, but I feel like you think it is "Because the didn't understand" and it is simply because "they decide do it in that way 'Periodical'".

Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez