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Re: Production Costing

- 09/02/2014 03:55:45
Le 02/09/2014 05:51, Fakrudeen Abbaz a écrit :
> There are two options suggested by the members.  And it's not fully 
> understand by the members because it's communicated through many 
> mails. For better clarity I will try to summarize both options after 
> discussing with both Ana and David.
> I hope all will support for this attempt.
Yes please sum up the options so everyone can decide when/where our help 
is most needed, we'll all win precious time.
I'm interrested in the topic but can't get involved until it's clearer.
If the options are mutually exclusive, I'm sure we can make it modular 
so that every company can chose which is best for them - I can help with 
modularity if you want.