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Re: Production Costing

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 09/01/2014 21:54:52
Thank you Eric for mediation!
I just wanted to clarify, that I honestly declared that I was not able to understand something, presumably because of language barrier. There was never meant to be any offense in it. If it was percieved that way, I'm really sorry for that. It was a honest surrender caused by practical communication faliure.

I would like to resume the on-topic discussion and ask, if there are still folks arround which are willing to discuss and to help to consolidate the ideas in a structured manner.
Maybe someone, who feels himself capable of, can make a glossary, so that we can finally talk about same concepts with same words.
Or somone who has a better oversight can set out some paradigms we would need to have clear to distinguish what we are actually talking about.

Ana, probably there is even a slight chance, that you would finally accept a small chat in spanish, so I can understand your approach and the reasons for it, and maybe take on the above structuring tasks (glossary and paradigms) myself. But without understanding your approch I unfortunately feel not capable of. (I hope this is formulated as to avoid missunderstandings)
I think with all the good contributions and techniques (parallel pad), we can create together something very valuable for improving Odoo.
I imagine that we probably get to a definition of well defined and wisely chosen functionality to integrate into odoo in a modular way, so that the more basic modules can be easily integrated into core - where they are missing and I think jco@odoo would be glad about such contributions. And the more advanced/less generic things could probably go into OCA.

​I feel sorry about the quality of the latest development of this discussion. I hope we can minimise the cost ;) caused by the damage.

best regards, david