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Re: Production Costing

Baeza Romero Pedro Manuel
- 09/01/2014 13:00:40
David, you are accusing Ana of something (arrogance) that you are practising double, because up to now, she has filled a full blueprint and has given reasons for doing the way we are doing, but you haven't apported anything but claims saying that your approach is better without explanations of WHY and HOW. It's not a question of frequency (once a month, each production order...) or the resolution (each product or all production), it's the place where you want to store data (in general accounting). Legally, you cannot dirty your accounting with this data in a lot of countries like Spain, so it's no sense to do it that way. Analytic accounting lets do that in a flexible way, and in a isolated way.

I hope you do understand my English.


2014-09-01 17:55 GMT+02:00 David Arnold <>:
Dear Ana, this is a personal comment.

I try to save you from doing non-sense (as I percieve it, probably because I don't understand). I asked several times very specific question to help me understand your approch which remained unanswered. It is cool, that other people do understand your approch. I don't. I think If you want to get the most out of this discussion you should not close your eyes towards the concerns. If this is not your intention, than the question is why participating here?

I stress, what Fakrudeen said about the two characters of a discussion:
  1. Samvadha - Trying to find facts
  2. Vikhandavadha - Trying to establish their own views.
​I hope we are still in Samvadha, because I cannot so much appreciate contributions of Vikhandavadha to my initial question. I hope you understand my rebuke and I hope not to see any kind of arrogance anymore. Thanks.​

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold

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