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Re: functional change in v8 MRP, asking feedback from experts

Tuxservices, Nicolas Jeudy
- 09/01/2014 05:07:51

Juste one question,

When having OpenERP / Odoo Entreprise contract, and we use this functionnality in v7, how Odoo will manage the migration to v8? extra cost ? 


2014-09-01 9:37 GMT+02:00 Lionel Sausin <>:
Le 29/08/2014 21:15, Ana Juaristi a écrit :
> On the other side... about using routing or manufacturing operations. 
> It's just the same. If you want to make manufacturing by operations, 
> you only need specifying on LM (small development we are doing by now) 
> materials you will consume on that operation.
Hi Ana,
This development is on our short-term roadmap too, so if I'll be glad to 
help validate the specifications or test the modules, please let me know 
how we can help.

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