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Re: Production Costing

- 08/31/2014 23:02:25
Dear All,

Thank you all for this very insightful discussion. So, I try to conclude for my self:

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On Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Ana Juaristi <> wrote:
@fakrudeenabbaz updated. I included several comments on your last one. We are arriving to the end!!! Great!! :)

@ David: You are right, my english is not so good but it seems another people is perfectly understanding what we want to do and they are also  contributing very positive way on our aproach. 

Main problem here is that our aproach has been by now aproved by several of our customers so we can not change it easyly but only if you see a wrong focus/point on it. IMHO, by the moment arguments given by people saying it's not correct are not strong enough for me to change one solution that we are building by now, so I'm sorry because of that. 
Another point could be that maybe you see diferent way because your legal requirements in your country are totally different than those that we have got in Spain so maybe you don't see cost solution outside financials. Maybe you are right I don't understand a lot of things that you write, I don't know. 
Anyway, even with all these problems, I think we are arriving to a nice/easy solution to have first aproach and maybe if you see it working in a couple of months, you will understand better what we wanted to do and even you could take it or not as basis to build your own solution adapted to your country/customer if needed. So please, give us a few days to present it working to community.

I also would like to invite someone in @odoo and @odoocommunity board that could give feedback about the aproach. It would also be great having their opinion about this first manufacturing task to see if it is strong and generic enough or not.  

Thank you:

2014-08-31 1:00 GMT+02:00 David Arnold <>:
Hi Ana, I have the problem, that I do not understand you properly, because your writing style is close to speaking style, so it's very hard to make out what you want to say. I'll try to precise (as little as I understood you):

Ana, I just deleted all my detailed answers, because I realized that it would be poorly effective. I've got the impression, you do not at all understand, what I'm trying to say, and I do not understand your points either. The reason might be, that we both are not of english mother toung, resulting in that we both do not use well defined words to represent the concepts we have in mind.

I would suggest a chat or a hangout on the topic. Then it might be easier to transpond and exchange the mental concepts it seems we have an urge to share...
@Zakaria: Thanks for your opinion, well most of this topic is common sense. As so many things in management :-) I just wanted to add, that a detailed analysis of the existing situations shows that there is no possibility to proper balance sheet valuation of produced products, because direct costs (labor and depreciation) - not overhead costs - are not allocated at the moment. (This is not so rocket sience as ACTUAL time measurement is already built into Odoo, what's missing is the link between time and the P&L and BS)
Overehead such as management wages or the elevator maintainance of the workshop is a nother topic. -> Ray


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