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Re: functional change in v8 MRP, asking feedback from experts

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 08/29/2014 15:08:09
Hello everybody!!
Thank you Raphaël for asking directly to me about this question. I'm glad to see that you consider important my opinion on this subject!! :) 

I think there is no error and I also think that it was even more complicated on 6.1 and previous versions. Off topic: I can not believe I'm saying this about 6.1 myself :) /end off topic

Let me explain a little bit since this is a subject that we have strongly analized for OdooMRP project and in it's also a problem that we had to deal with on any manufacturing 5 and 6.X projects

On previous versions there was a possibility on order where you could select the location where you had to have materials to be able to start MO. Confirming the order 2 movements where created (it was not stock-->stock always but only if the configuration on order for taking row materials was stock, otherwise it was stock--> somewhere specified on MO) 
ALL materials had to be available on this location to start manufacturing. So... there was an internal picking including this move, that was needed to be processed anyway. There was not visibility on order about this internal move, nor about created internal picking and it was headeach explaining to a final user why there was stock--> stock moves or why it was needed to process an internal picking that I could not access directly from order, just to start working. Anyway in OpenMRP we added a lot of shorcuts on Order and at the end it was not so complicated to manage it.
After starting MO, materials are consumed so movement is "somewhere specified on MO" to production(virtual location) that's perfectly correct. 

Now... with new VMS another world is opened about this concept. 
If you need really moving materials to any machine/work center to start working on it, just create a route. That's all. It's just same proccess that  is used when you have got to move materials to any other place. It would be not correct using "virtual" locations but "internal" locations, since you are really controlling where materials are located phisically. Second step is just the same that we had before "somewhere --> production". 
The only single thing that changed is simplifying the way that you want to work and selecting the way you want to consume/produce. If you are consuming directly from stock, there is no internal move/picking. You only need having materials on stock and just consuming from there directly. This is valid for very simple production industries that need/want as less as possible administrative work.
But, If you really need moving materials somewhere (we say in spain "acopio de materiales"), or you need even making a quality control to materials, or not just consuming from somewhere but making an internal route to materials until they arrive to machine/workcenter before starting production and consuming them really, you can configure it with new WMS as complex as you need so is totally correct that one procurement is created for each material for any used location and also that you have got to process all created internal pickings, be a single one as it was before or be several of them (new option on Odoo) but the difference is that now you can choose. Before you couldn't.

On the other side... about using routing or manufacturing operations. It's just the same. If you want to make manufacturing by operations, you only need specifying on LM (small development we are doing by now) materials you will consume on that operation. This is not possible on standard because workorders are just to control steps or work to do but they are not allowing to specify the materials to consume or produce on each step. 
So, the movements to consume materials on each routing step could be perfectly controled this way:
1. Let start manufacturing order just when first step on route's needed materials are ready on specified location for this first step.
2. Don't let start one "work order" until all it's materials are ready on location specified for it.
With those simple extensions on workorders/routes it would be possible controling manufacturing by operations, and it's also possible having a much more detailed material procurement calendar. 
Sameway, same extension would be needed for by_products module to control additional materials to be created in one operation. 

So.. I think, there is NO bug on V8 but only improvements about that we had on previous versions. 


2014-08-29 19:55 GMT+02:00 David Arnold <>:
I canot make sens of this, but I see a possible relation:

MO without routing:

​MO with routing:

So with Routing it goes:
Stock -> VL
VL -> VL
VL -> Stock

I don't know why it remains in status new, however...

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