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- 08/29/2014 08:34:02

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Hello Martin,
I think you are right with your assumption.
I suggest to use issues or tasks linked with an analytical account for a project.
Perhaps you may create an analytical account for each device at a customer.

Gert de wit

2014-08-28 10:28 GMT+02:00 Martin Temmink < [1] > :
we are using openerp v7 for our company, and we would like to use openerp also for our service team.
The service team mostly works at the customers location to solve issue’s like corrective maintenance and pro-active maintenance on equipment owned by the customers.
We would keep track of the following items:
- hours spend working.
- travel time
- travel distance
- parts used for the maintenance
- customer
- device (model/type/serial nr)
Preferably the Service Engineer could print an report (work-order) for this. which has to be signed of by the customer when he is finished.
so we can invoice the work-order to the customer.
Most of the requirement we can do by using an analytic account where we can register the hours/travel time and parts used.
But how can we keep track of de device and it’s information where the maintenance was for (installed base)?
I have been investigation the MRO and repair modules but I’m thinking they are more for equipment owned by the company that is using openerp, then for customers equipment. Or do i make a wrong assumption?
Kind regards,

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