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Re: Arduino connectivity with OpenERP 7

Chris Jones
- 08/28/2014 20:32:27
One use I could see for sending text would be to display some basic info about a Work Order.  Something as simple as two big buttons connected to an Arduino could be rigged up at each Work Center. Press one to start a Work Order and another to finish it. 

Another use case for microprocessor control I've been thinking about is in monitoring when equipment is finished with a work order. It could be a mixer that when finished someone opens a door or lid on it. That lid could have a tilt sensor or accelerometer that could record that. A distance sensor like this could also be used to measure if something large is moving. Magnetic encoders or hall effect sensors can detect rotation.

The Arduino Yun REST interface would be pretty decent for displaying text. 

This is where we need to establish some type of framework to make it easy in an OpenERP module to specify what data to send. 

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 1:59 PM, Taimoor Yousaf <> wrote:

I have some experience with Arduino and external displays. I think another aspect that could be explored is using data from OpenERP to feed external LCD/LED displays.

Taimoor Yousaf

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 8:29 PM, Chris Jones <> wrote:
I'm working with a couple of nutritional supplement manufacturers that want to be able to monitor environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and dust levels. Separately they also want to have a fingerprint scanner that employees will use to clock in and out for attendance. 

I've taken an Arduino Yun, connected a temperature/humidity sensor to it and have that data feeding real-time into a table in OpenERP via XML-RPC. The next part is to setup the fingerprint scanner to connect to the attendance feature in the HR module.

I'm curious if there's interest for a larger community project to generically connect an Arduino to Odoo/OpenERP. Maybe a configuration screen where we can make the associations between pins on the Arduino and fields in ERP. 

There's an endless amount of scanners, sensors, motors, cameras, etc. Modules could alert in ERP when data from sensors moves outside of specified thresholds. 

Chris Jones
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