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Re: Arduino connectivity with OpenERP 7

- 08/28/2014 15:48:43
Wow!!  I'm impressed i had the same idea to put it in our new warehouse glad to hear that someone had the same thoughts as i did. I would definitively be part of this.

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Chris Jones <> wrote:
I'm working with a couple of nutritional supplement manufacturers that want to be able to monitor environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and dust levels. Separately they also want to have a fingerprint scanner that employees will use to clock in and out for attendance. 

I've taken an Arduino Yun, connected a temperature/humidity sensor to it and have that data feeding real-time into a table in OpenERP via XML-RPC. The next part is to setup the fingerprint scanner to connect to the attendance feature in the HR module.

I'm curious if there's interest for a larger community project to generically connect an Arduino to Odoo/OpenERP. Maybe a configuration screen where we can make the associations between pins on the Arduino and fields in ERP. 

There's an endless amount of scanners, sensors, motors, cameras, etc. Modules could alert in ERP when data from sensors moves outside of specified thresholds. 

Chris Jones
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