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Re: Orderpoints adjustment based on a previous period of sales

Quentin De Paoli (qdp)
- 08/28/2014 05:26:53
hi guys,

i didn't read all the doc given by Thorsten but i think an easy solution to this problem would be to manually create procurement orders in advance, in prevision of future needs.

It's manual, not automatic and you have to encode yourself how much more you want of each product but it's working just fine with the existing features. Any module helping on this use case should probably have the effect of creating the same procurement orders in a more automated way instead of modifying the minimum stock rules.

my 2cents,

On 08/15/2014 01:04 PM, Thorsten Vocks wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

we have developed a module for a electronic goods retailer in 2010 (v5). 
The basic idea was to dynamically update stock.warehouse.orderpoint rules (min/max) and suppliers 
delivery lead times in OpenERP. 

Inside of our first specification sheets we wanted to develop advanced rules based on theory about EOQ (economic order quantity). Finally we delivered a module with simplified rules and formulas. 

The calculator takes into account real consumption in history (from sale orders), forecasted consumption (stock_planning). In case of no history / future data it was possible to define some default values manually to allow proper calculation. It is very difficult to say if the module is generic enough, although It was formerly an official "certified module". Unfortunately it was never migrated to V6.

Here is the main V5 launchpad repository:

This specification below is the base ground:

More advanced specifications we have not implemented due to complexity:

also interesting and as i remember used by OpenERP as source of knowledge:

Best regards

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2014-08-15 3:13 GMT+02:00 Marc Cassuto <>:
Hello All,

thanks for the answers.
For sure we will submit all the idea and discuss the specifications with our customer
(manufacturing company); then provide you all the result.


Marc Cassuto, Ing. MBA Itil

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From: "pedro baeza" <>
To: "Community" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 9:48:27 AM
Subject: Re: Orderpoints adjustment based on a previous period of sales

As Ana has told, we are working on that just now, so until further notice from OCA, anyone interested, please give us your approach and requirements to see if it's met with our approach, and any collaboration is welcome.


2014-08-14 15:39 GMT+02:00 Ana Juaristi <>:

Hello everybody

Just to tell you that included on manufacturing solution we are working on ( odoomrp ) part of this functionality is included to be built but i see here very interesting ideas we did not take in mind.
We focused it like a new object where we could import product, quantities and data taking several criteria from other objects in order to create new procurements with them.

We have got a few more modules that we are going to build from now to december almost defined and technically focused but from begining of the project we are wanting to share requirements, technical focus and to have community opinion about our aproach.
We are waiting Oca to open access to an environment where we could write/publish all this detailed information in english but i'm afraid summer time is not very good to have resources that can make it quickly.
Anyway I think even if this topic is not the same, it's totally related to how and where publish odoo  documentation since if we publish from begining, from requirements and we make the module after, big part of documentation would be already made when module itself is available.
We are ready to invest on this. We have got a dedicated team (functional and technical) focused on mrp solution but this solution must include other areas as procurements, logistics, sales, purchases and so on mandatory way. We are ready also to share knowledge and even include other community members on project.  We only need defining the tools to use and the rules to follow. That's all.
So OCA board people... (Nhomar,eric, joel, maxime... Other all) How should we go? To start publishing on odoo pad as mentioned in other threath? To wait until things are more defined? To open directly our odoomrp environment to people?
Please let us know!!!

Thank you:

El 14/08/2014 14:38, "Quentin THEURET" <> escribió:

On 14/08/14 13:59, Peter Langenberg wrote:
> This kind of forecasting is not simple, it's can be different for
> different kind of companies (eg. company who has seasons sales -->
> chrismas, newyear .., or swimsuites for the summer, ski boots for the
> winter).
> It would also be nice that the parameters could be tuned automatic, so
> eg. slowmovers minimum stocks could be (proposed ?) reduced ... and so
> on ...


Indeed, there are some different kinds of forecasting procurements like 
procurements based on what have been sold, procurements based on what 
have been consumed (for manufacturing companies), procurements based on 
what have been going out of stocks (pharmacy of hospital)…
For each of these kinds of procurements, we should define how compute 
the consumption (which dates interval, which documents…). We should also 
define if we should compute a safety stock, if we should take care of 
the delivery lead-time, etc.
So, it is a big deal to do that because there are many possibilities and 
many parameters.

But the question is not here :) For now, I don't know a module that do that.


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