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Re: OCB - abandoned?

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 08/24/2014 21:33:11
On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 10:05 PM, Gunnar Wagner <> wrote:

hi Graeme,

thanks for your comment.

...  You can always just track official 8.0 and switch after it is released.
how do I switch? Is it enough just to change the url of the "remote origin" section in the ~/.git/config file?

git fetch ocb 8.0:ocb-8.0
git checkout ocb-8.0

OCB tries to avoid schema changes but eventually when there is really a consensus among the experts to fix an important issue, it can still happen, so you better restart your server with options: -d your_database -u all

I also confirm everything Graeme said. About OpenERP SA being more reactive on pull request, I would say it has been really true during the month of June, the first month on Github, but after June it went back to a situation like before where most of PR aren't triaged and keep accumulating (I think there were roughly 100 open PR 2 months ago after 1 months on Github, we are now at 274). Well I understand that v8 being late, they really have other priorities, but you see, there is no reason to believe PR would be processed at such a rate where OCB doesn't make sense anymore. Meanwhile as Graeme said, before v8 is released it's much better to put effort on getting the fixes in the official branch while it's still time instead of spending efforts maintaining a parallel unstable version.


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