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Re: OCB - abandoned?

gunnar wagner
- 08/24/2014 21:00:07
hi Graeme,

thanks for your comment.
...  You can always just track official 8.0 and switch after it is released.
how do I switch? Is it enough just to change the url of the "remote origin" section in the ~/.git/config file?

On 8/25/2014 8:42 AM, Graeme Gellatly wrote:
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Hi Gunnar,

The B part of OCB is for Backports, so I would expect little attention to be paid to the v8 part until it is actually released and therefore requires backports from trunk fixes.  Otherwise there will just be a load of rework applying fixes to an alpha unreleased version.  You can see that the 7.0 branch is still maintained and when 8.0 is released I am sure it will be too.  So it is not abandoned, just that it is not yet released.

That said it would be good even if there are to be no fixes that it is at least occasionally merged with trunk but so many changes right now maybe focus is better spent elsewhere.  You can always just track official 8.0 and switch after it is released.

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 12:08 PM, Gunnar Wagner <> wrote:

I am a user of the OCB Version (because I heard it would be better maintained with bugfixes then the ~/odoo/odoo/) of odoo/OpenERP and just installed  v8 from github

Now I have noted that there are no updates whatsoever being shown with a 'git status' and then I noted that the ~/OCA/OCB is much less recent then the ~/odoo/doo version

  1. addons folder was updated 'a month ago'   while
  2. addons folder was updated 'a day ago'
On the odoo forum someone mentioned rumors (which I had heard earlier as well) that OCB would maibe not be continued (in the future) because OpenERP S.A. had committed to incorporating Community patches quicker then before. And maybe OCA/OCB/tree/8.0 was 'abandoned' already. Even if OCB was discontinued I would find it strange to just abandon it without any notice (I couldnt find any in the OCA blog which I guess would be the place to announce such a news). Furthermore I would guess a smooth pull-out would at least keep the ~/OCA/OCB fork synced to the ~/odoo/doo so current users are not being dried out. So I don't quite believe that being abandoned is actually what happend to OCB-v8.

Can someone here kindly comment on that?

many thanks

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