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OCB - abandoned?

gunnar wagner
- 08/24/2014 20:01:51
I am a user of the OCB Version (because I heard it would be better maintained with bugfixes then the ~/odoo/odoo/) of odoo/OpenERP and just installed  v8 from github

Now I have noted that there are no updates whatsoever being shown with a 'git status' and then I noted that the ~/OCA/OCB is much less recent then the ~/odoo/doo version

  1. addons folder was updated 'a month ago'   while
  2. addons folder was updated 'a day ago'
On the odoo forum someone mentioned rumors (which I had heard earlier as well) that OCB would maibe not be continued (in the future) because OpenERP S.A. had committed to incorporating Community patches quicker then before. And maybe OCA/OCB/tree/8.0 was 'abandoned' already. Even if OCB was discontinued I would find it strange to just abandon it without any notice (I couldnt find any in the OCA blog which I guess would be the place to announce such a news). Furthermore I would guess a smooth pull-out would at least keep the ~/OCA/OCB fork synced to the ~/odoo/doo so current users are not being dried out. So I don't quite believe that being abandoned is actually what happend to OCB-v8.

Can someone here kindly comment on that?

many thanks