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Lead time calculation with MRP

- 08/22/2014 16:03:29
Dear Community,

we have got an existing customer using OE7. Our next step with them is to provide the lead time calculation.

The general idea is :
* to calculate the overall lead time from the creation of the Sales Order;
* this lead time should be calculated taking into account the following parameters :
** working days of the related machines
** availability of products in stock
** time to produce the products if required, including time to produce/buy the raw materials
** this lead time should include the time to deliver to the customer address (this time is almost specific to the partners)
* if a manufacturing order is rescheduled (change of priority, unscheduled maintenance...) the system has to warn the users of the new delay
* the system must also warn CSR when the order can not be completed within their standard lead time

I made some research and it seems the most advanced project in that field is
But this project does currently manage only buy & sell scenarios, not production.

So my questions are :
* is there other projects/modules we could use ?
* should we build over this existing project (why this project has not been migrated to github) ?
* do you have any suggestions ?

This features are rather urgent and we will certainly have to deliver them before the end of September.


Marc Cassuto, Ing. MBA Itil

Consultant solutions ERP
T: 514-276-5468 #180