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Modifying Reports in Saas?

Same Motion S.A.C, Luis Miguel Sarabia Quiroz
- 08/21/2014 19:40:21
Dear Community,

I am really surprised as a new Odoo partner that the reports could not be customized in the Odoo SaaS. I was trying to use the Open Office plugin, with no success and after talking to some partners i got to know that there is no possibility to use it in the SaaS.

I dont know how can we as partners use the Odoo SaaS for our small customers if we can not customize reports. There are some documents that normally needed to be changed from country to country, like for example invoices.

I thought that odoo strategy is that their SaaS is used, I really dont see how with this type of limitations.

Best Regards,

Luis Miguel Sarabia


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