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Default multicompany errors?

- 08/21/2014 04:27:25
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to configure an Odoo multicompany installation. And I've 
found what maybe errors, or maybe I'm not configuring correctly 
something, but I can't figure out what could be wrong.

I have the main company (lets call it Main Company) and another one 
called Second Company. Main Company is, obviously, the parent company of 
Second Company.

I create a new user for the Second Company (and only for it) and give it 
the desired permissions in every module. Once done, when the user logins 
gets an Access Error. Only logging, no action is neccessary. Is an 
Access Error related to the res.partner document type and the Operation 

This error appears repeatedly whenever the new user tries to create, for 
example, a new lead, opportunities, tasks... even having the maximum 
permissions for every module, keeps unable to do anything.

Is there any extra configuration neccessary that I'm missing somehow? 
The steps I took were creating the new company and then the user with 
its permissions (and assigned to the company) nothing else.