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Re: Production Costing

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 08/20/2014 19:25:22

Hi all:
The aproach we are building by now in odoomrp is very similar to the one defined by Frakudee on pad.
Technical aproach to cost controlling would be to use analytics (as we had for 6.1 in openmrp) but in an optimized way trying to reuse core as much as posible, defining simple analytic  structure.
We would have stimated cost for an order before launching it and real cost after finished.
We will have one project/analitic account including several MO
Each cost type would be an analytic journal
Each cost imputation would be an analytic line
Cost type to be included would be consumed materials, operators working time, machines/work centers working time, other costs....
I'm not available this week but i will be next one to write detailed way the aproach and technical focus we have defined in order to try to share efforts and not duplicate work. So please give me a few days to translate our requirements to english and share on pad.
At this point, IMHO we need again some OCA guidance since I don't know if simply using pad as tool for sharing ideas is enough or we should start a task somewhere else.
Thank you:

El 20/08/2014 19:29, <> escribió:
Hello all,

as for getting the cost from the consumed products during a production order, at Akretion we are currently adapting a development made in Spain (by an other team) in a Brazilian venture of the Spanish company. Basically the code is a bit messed up with the specific customer requirements and it was done quite dirty in 6.1 (like a 1 man year project), we are adapting that for v8. The budget dedicated to that porting is sadly probably too low to refactor that module to reach some OCA quality or even to abstract away customer specifics. And the remaining before the go live won't give us a chance either.

So eventually we find our the resource later to clean that up. So there is a chance we contribute that in a 10 months timeframe, but no promise. You could contact us if you feel you can help that. Sadly this that code is a bit of a mess today and not written by us, so we cannot just throw it on the Internet on our own initiative. We are working out the customer mind to make him aware getting modules OCA published means sustainable maintenance costs, but coming to the open source logic takes some time...

Specifically that code account for every single production order to update the product cost from the products actually consumed (not simple what's is in the BOM).
It also accounts for the labour spent during each production cycle.


On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 1:40 PM, Fakrudeen Abbaz <> wrote:



Let’s start with the basic

Please go through the Etherpad I have created for Production Costing


Fakrudeen Abbaz

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Maybe someone can give me a hint how to approach production costing?


1. Is this one of Odoo's MRP capabilities without heavy extra development?

2. If not, do you know of a specific project/module which provides such capabilities? (I coudn't find anything on the OCA)


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