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Re: Reflection about documentation.

David Arnold
- 08/18/2014 23:18:28
Oops, the pad his gone... well, at least somthing has been saved here:

I think a section for developers should have the name "Reference: Developers" and have the character of a reference rather than a "tutorial". One thing I  think is key from a developer perspective is to tell the developer in a structured manner the suggested way to do things (programming patterns / best practices), as I see that even practices within the core diverge sometimes and this is probably one root cause of exponential maintainability costs, and finally buggyness and regressions in this ever more complex software project. So externals AND internals would benefit. Nothing to do directly with customers, but a cleaner codebase enables stability, which directly affects the value proposition over more established competitors.

2014-08-16 16:12 GMT-05:00 <>:
addendum: my calculus is, if we get the stream of affluence to the ecosystem right, this might result in more knowledge assets (and pressure), which in turn might help Fabien argue for a product excellency strategy (not the so often mentioned "excellent is the enemy of the good, we want to be good" - or I think , this is what you called "head-in-the-sand" attitude). But it seems to me that Odoo needs (more of) that "reaching for excellency" notion in order to give it's business model the last twist. Also in the fundamentals. It must move forward to Silicon Vally or Berlin (Rocket Internet) standards of dynamic.