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Re: Reflection about documentation.

David Arnold
- 08/16/2014 14:53:34

2014-08-16 12:50 GMT-05:00 Kurt Haselwimmer <>:
who one might safely assume are going to be much more conservative when comparing existing documentation models (books, etc) with cutting edge W3.0, or whatever you want to call them, approaches.

​This is a very valid point! On the other hand it seems, that Odoo likes beeing disruptive. The multipliers are probably the increasing amount of early adopters dropping in. The late followers will wait some years anyhow and probably rely more on the feedback of early adopters and the partner network. But it is certainly true, that those just feel more comfortable with a propper book, which they can buy in the bookstore.​

But there is another problem that we have right now form an ecosystem perspective: Onboarding is VERY costly, so we give away valuable multiplieres/potential early adpoters, who might otherwise choose Odoo, if it was more "accessible", still.