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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
- 08/16/2014 13:42:56
David and others following this issue,

you should at least give fabien the chance to contemplate the feedback to his question on slashdot. The answers there would appear to indicate strongly that fabien's original position that an improved user interface would suffice as an alternative to better documentation is not shared by many other people - and this is from what one might consider to be primarily a technical demographic, rather than any kind of targetted market demographic - who one might safely assume are going to be much more conservative when comparing existing documentation models (books, etc) with cutting edge W3.0, or whatever you want to call them, approaches.

It may be that fabien and/or Odoo SA's position is not yet established - why else would he ask the slashdot question after posting the original position you have paraphrased? Especially as none of the alternatives to yet-another-piecemeal-community-documentation-effort have really been explored professionally.



I is time for another consolidation of the collected information in this discussion and the odoo-pad @

After target market has risen the question on how to tackle the future of Odoo Documentation and a vibrant discussion, Fabien has presented a complete set of suggestions on how to proceed, and what strategy and role is SA planning to take.

He suggested (rephrased in my own words):
- A very streamlined documentation to reduce maintainance cost and the cost of outdated documentation to the ecosystem, contextual wherever possible.
- A central point of contact, so to speak a unification of the documentation domain under the SA umbrella
- A clean and efficient interface / portal for this central point of contact
- An easy way to collaborate on the documentation via a dedicated github repository and looser editing rights
- The generation of an outline (table of content), in order to be able to assign tasks and ressources to this project ->

After an initial vibrant contribution to this tocdoc, people might have noticed, that it is hard to advance with only commenting on a pad in an unstructured unmoderated manner.

So I bothered to fuel this discussion with another consolidation in the form of a mock-up, where the proposals and feedbacks of the tocdoc-pad have been included. You'll notice, that it bears my own signature, but I don't think as beeing the author this is an issue here. It is an attempt to promote the generation of one single thing:

A Great Documentation ->, please comment on

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