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Re: Broken DB

Koketso Mabuse, Koketso Mabuse
- 08/16/2014 07:05:00
Hi there

I used the interface to create a backup. Created file with .dump

The I recreated a new db name and browsed for the file to restore. It went through the process then said successfully done.

I used the browser: locahost:8069. It displayed. the login page. I chose the newly created db and it started loading when done its a blank page no error nothing just blank with no nothing.

On 16/08/2014 12:53, Carlos Enrique Contreras Vara wrote:
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Please can you be more specific?

Openerp 7 or odoo?
How did you do the backup and restore? Steps i mean... Did you use the openerp interfase? Did you use comand line on postgresql?


How you are trying to restore?
Did you see some things on log files?


El Saturday, August 9, 2014, Koketso Mabuse <> escribió:
Hi all.

I broke db. This is how: I created a backup. Changed the name and restored it then can't open it.

Any thoughts?

Koketso Mabuse: South Africa. Soweto

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