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Re: Orderpoints adjustment based on a previous period of sales

by Quentin THEURET <> - 08/14/2014 08:26:51
On 14/08/14 13:59, Peter Langenberg wrote:
> This kind of forecasting is not simple, it's can be different for
> different kind of companies (eg. company who has seasons sales -->
> chrismas, newyear .., or swimsuites for the summer, ski boots for the
> winter).
> It would also be nice that the parameters could be tuned automatic, so
> eg. slowmovers minimum stocks could be (proposed ?) reduced ... and so
> on ...


Indeed, there are some different kinds of forecasting procurements like 
procurements based on what have been sold, procurements based on what 
have been consumed (for manufacturing companies), procurements based on 
what have been going out of stocks (pharmacy of hospital)…
For each of these kinds of procurements, we should define how compute 
the consumption (which dates interval, which documents…). We should also 
define if we should compute a safety stock, if we should take care of 
the delivery lead-time, etc.
So, it is a big deal to do that because there are many possibilities and 
many parameters.

But the question is not here :) For now, I don't know a module that do that.


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