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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Daniel Reis
- 08/14/2014 06:27:05
> The technical details of hosting and editing the documents is far less
> important than the purpose of the documentation and figuring out a way
> for all members of the community - that means users, new and old as
> well as well established partners of Odoo to contribute.
Not the technical details, but the decision on the platform enabling 
collaboration is decisive.

> By contributing I also do not mean this mean only writing content -
> this also means ways for suggesting topics, identifying weaknesses in
> non-existent or draft documentation, editing and criticizing content.
> Some contributors might find this painful.
Again, the platform enabling collaboration is decisive.

> (...) is it not feasible to consider a
> crowdfunded project to pay him/ packt to 1) update the book for v8 2)
> write a book aimed at the next level of competence 'advanced working
> with OpenERP/Odoo'.
That's another approach.
Els van Vossel wrote the v6.1 books with Fabien and AFAIK is currently 
collaborating on Odoo's current (but limited) functional docs efforts.
Last time I exchanged ideas on this with her, she showed availability to 
work on a v8 book (hi Els!).
Maybe a crowdfunding could be an idea. It would be good to hear more 
opinions on this.

> I see absolutely no reason as to why Odoo SA cannot make a
> contribution (even a major one) from their marketing budget to help
> fund such a project, with additional crowd sourced funders receiving a
> copy of the draft texts early, and the final texts at a significantly
> reduced overall price.
Fabien already stated it's not a priority.
But maybe if the 6.1 books sources were open sourced that would ease the 
task (the product changed a lot since, though).