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Re: Reflection about documentation.

David Arnold
- 08/13/2014 12:33:46
3/ We will move our efforts on the technical doc to a separate
repository with public write access. We initially put it in a
odoo/odoo branch fork. But, for access rights, it's better to have
all docs in a separate repository.
​Very good! This will boost community dynamic, as it seems everyone is scratching itches here...​

4/ Can someone contribute to restructure the existing documentation
into a new and clean structure? If someone is ready to do this
(around 20 hours of work), we can discuss together on how to do it.
I can do some research on that, how other projects do...

6/ We will clean the platform and add missing features from readthedoc
but we will keep the design of bootstrap. (the only things we
need is to connect transifex to the github repo and the Edit in
Github button)
This is fine, as long as the plattforms most important objective is convenieance, ease of navigation and readibility (!). rtfd can be integrated on you domain, if you might change your mind on maintaining another css theme, it is clean optimized and batlle proven. Missing features, as the one you mentioned can easily be contributed. I'm sure in no time, color scheem could be adapted to Odoo corporate colors, without loosing the built in presentation best practices. There is valuable knowledge and experience built into their system, and all they do at rtfd is documentation... Think about! :)

I investigated a bit on inline code documentation, and it seems that, which is already imported in the actual doc build setup can probably built the api reference and a class glossary, we all starve for. Provided that within internal R&D and development proces, class documentation is emphaziesed and enforced stringently.
This would you bring some benefits (over another api documentation approach)
- Get complete documentation near the code and make it part of the code review (sic!) (this is not inforced yet, as I noticed on some ambigous new-api documentations)
- marginalize maintaniance cost (as doc is born at the point information itself is generated)
- Build documentation automatically, so no need to write any extra reference...

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