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Re: Reflection about documentation.

OpenERP AtviraVVS
- 08/12/2014 22:32:45
The hot discussion.
List by resources from
1 Help Forum.
Very good future. The fastest and easiest way to find help or to provide it.
1.1. How to.
Although I could not find links to in 
the Site but it's a good idea. It is slowly coming true. I realize this 
is costly. But it is adding value.
NOTES! Related topics incorrectly shows. Consider the need to tag 
versions, in order to prevent problems with the old answers.
2. Documentation.
Problem... it is not important how we will show her. But the proposed really enjoyed it. Can be easily and quickly 
corrected through GitHub.
I propose now to start from the beginning. Doc put odoo the source 
repository. And update online Documentation from github.
Odoo should immediately upgrade new module and programming rules and 
requirements. It should be as clear as possible to describe. That python 
docstring, changelog, style guide, migrations and etc. And check follow 
through in pull requests. For example. if there is error docstring or no 
checking PEP8.
It's a cruel way and negative, but it is useful for the future the 
supervision of the technical documentation.
NOTE: To return the python docstring doc, how v6
3 Presentations and Videos.
Very well. We would like to find the best structure and Maybe 
how 1.1. How to? Then the other will create a link to video or 
presentation. That will not be seen or not found a partner delivery.

On 2 increases the value of the technical documentation.
On 1.1 and 3 valuable alternative functional documentation.
Will it be a full and detailed depends only on odoo and partner 
approach. And their contribution to update.
We would like to focus in technical documentation and help forum.
About functional no talking, because there are many different opinions.
About functional documentation are many different opinions.  But if it 
is written. increase the value of odoo.