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Re: Reflection about documentation.

David Arnold
- 08/12/2014 17:23:22
I can do it, but readthedocs will render "exactly" what you have in, "What's the deal with that.

​We need to take down every singly hurdle to enable a great documentation. No matter who's responsibiliy it is... The issue with goes as far as the csstheme. And the missing button "edit on github" (sic!).​
Technical [Code].
 Books [Functional].
Community [How to improve].

​To github!!!!!!​ - There is nothing more easy, also for functional people.
Then, translations will be provided via transifex (eventually) and boosted by gengo.

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2014-08-12 16:32 GMT-04:30 <>:
@nhomar, we can do amove forward, if you can help me and make the (existing) documentation visible through

I can do it, but readthedocs will render "exactly" what you have in, "What's the deal with that." and the compilation on is a mix from all sources where odoo is writting:

Technical [Code].
Books [Functional].
Community [How to improve].

It is a matter of for it on github, I will move forward on that, let's see what community think of move these to github.

I think there is other plans to start a new project with other approach, I am not sure of this yet.

In the middle:

Read the how to improve the actual one.

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