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Re: Reflection about documentation.

David Arnold
- 08/12/2014 16:31:50
Some strategical comments:

I think one point here is ***ecosystem health***
Another point is ***revenue model***

Odoo (sic!) is trying to transform/expand their revenue model (masses, CMS, ootb) and is in a phase of improving ***ecosystem health*** (partly, sic!)

Miguel, I agree with you, that it is a matter of ***ecosystem health*** to have a good documentation! I agree also, that providing poor documentation would have been a interim revenue model of the past.

I think however, to be able to exploit some superior dynamic growth, Odoo must still invest more and timely in ecosystem health  (first commitment is done by Anthony Lesuisse on the openday 2014: "developers, developers, developers") We need more of this to reach the state "Odoo rules them all".

This danymic is critical for a tranforming revenue model! So these thoughts go to the past, and all those who are interpreting the futer in a path dependent way.

Regards, David