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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Efrain Reales
- 08/12/2014 15:58:49

My two cents are odoo makes money because of the lack of documentation. All great software should have good documentation.


On Aug 12, 2014 3:52 PM, "Nhomar Hernandez" <> wrote:

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 2:55 PM, Kurt Haselwimmer <> wrote:
I am afraid that you are seriously wrong - customers don't just look at marketing material to decide if the odoo platform is for them. They look at that stuff briefly first, THEN if they are at all serious they spend a long time looking at the documentation to 1) make sure they understand how the different functionalities work together  - so that the platform really does what is claimed and how it relates to the customer's current procedures and processes and 2) to make sure that they are not going to be putting themselves into a position where they become reliant upon an untried and tested third party to explain to them how to do basic implementation tasks such as backup the system, get the date formatted as is normal in the country, etc etc etc.

I will ask a sorry for my statement, you are right I commit the sin of "Generalize" you are right, the "serious" customers "Read the docs" no doubt about that.

Said that.

Don't you think the fact you can "use" the software before make a decision is not enought?, I think "part of".

Why BIg brands need A LOT of books?, Because they need to hide or block teh software, here "You have the software."

I the customer can not understand this point, then it will expend A LOT of money in the wrong effort.

"What about if he/she interprete incorrectly a vital point and when the software goes to production it doesn't do what they expect?" 

Believe me, nothing better that "at least" put close your hand to the boiler to see if it is hot or not.

Books, - Show a picture of the bopiler - 

Just FYI, did you know because the approach of "re-conceptualize first 100% of the usage of the software" with something called "god practices (written by the same people which build the software)" SAP fails at least 60% of them implementations?, and tehy have hundreds of books men... think on that.

But yes, AGAIN, Sorry, I generalized and it is not right.

The claim that because the programming is done in python that somehow documentation is not needed is completely crazy - all algorithms, regardless of the language in which it is are coded have implicit assumptions about how the algorithm is going to be used and what data needs to be presented to them so as to do that properly. The user needs to understand both of these so as to figure out 1) how to use the system 2) how to set their data up properly. 

Men all this information is "following"  the development process available, that the point of being "agil".

But again, I can give you real examples with big companies where if this approach should not achieved, they should expend "millions", beleivem or not, it is blocking point expend ALOT in documentation (because it is really expensive) instead very well done code and "process to produce the code".

If all the plan is open you just must to follow the seed.

All things behind what you are asking for are in a mixing of places actually.

- COde.
- Tasks or plans related.
- Some specifications.
- The conceptual approach explained by Fabien in the set of videos they are doing.
- The good bugs.
- Discusions in the right lists.

Mix all this toghether and test it: gualá "You have the knowledge".... so.. it can be better YES? BUT AGAIN TO NOT LOSE MY POINT.... Who is the "responsable"? WE men all the community, not Odoo "only" that's my point.... not only the editor, if the editor of one module document correctly its process, source, plans and so on.... the clean up is really easy, if not "absolutly agreed" it becomes a mistery. It is not a matter of "size" it is a matter of "process-"..


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