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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
- 08/12/2014 15:19:17

I am afraid that you are seriously wrong - customers don't just look at marketing material to decide if the odoo platform is for them. They look at that stuff briefly first, THEN if they are at all serious they spend a long time looking at the documentation to 1) make sure they understand how the different functionalities work together  - so that the platform really does what is claimed and how it relates to the customer's current procedures and processes and 2) to make sure that they are not going to be putting themselves into a position where they become reliant upon an untried and tested third party to explain to them how to do basic implementation tasks such as backup the system, get the date formatted as is normal in the country, etc etc etc.

The claim that because the programming is done in python that somehow documentation is not needed is completely crazy - all algorithms, regardless of the language in which it is are coded have implicit assumptions about how the algorithm is going to be used and what data needs to be presented to them so as to do that properly. The user needs to understand both of these so as to figure out 1) how to use the system 2) how to set their data up properly. 

The continual head-in-the-sand attitude of many of the old-timers who constantly harp on about how they have being using openerp when it was still called tiny-this or v4 or whatever is starting to become all rather tiresome. The past is history - the question is how to give odoo a future - and constantly deriding those who point to the lack of documentation is doing nothing to fix the problem.

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On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 1:36 PM, Miguel Acebes <> wrote:

@Nhomar, the customers don’t understand code.

But the customer to make decisions need is marketing material, and list of "things" and that not "documentation" that's marketing. and the new is doing pretty well.

And remember when "code" was a science from Nasa's people because you need a huge effort to "understand" code this statement was 100% true, today Python, and a lot of open source technologies are changing that, really empowering people with the right knowledge not with "manuals".

The information is power and I see that the partners don’t want the documentation in the hands of the customers. Great mistake.

Let's see, we can't generalize, we has an offer where we offer a complete path of understanding the tool even before implement ( a different history ) but 99% of "customers" don't read docs, who read docs are "consultants" in a biggest proportion to "say" the "know" that's one of biggest issues of modern approach about information.

The "interpretation" of the "information" + "experience" IS knowledge: "AND THAT IN POWER".

What I am trying to let you know is that the "information IS NOT hidden" it is there, and YOU can push and build the parts you need because I am suposing you have the "Knowledge"... Words are dangerous used in the wrong way.

I wish that Odoo thinks different.

I REALLY people like bug accounting firms are not behind Odoo, because if it is... they will push to whare I am worried the should not.

The things aren’t white or black, aren’t binary 0 or 1, both things are compatible: good code and good documentation.

The merge (0.5) IS a well tested, with a GREAT usability and well documented "code" IMHO, code or nothing, I don't want books telling me how i must manage my company (there are A LOT outside) I need a software as obvious as it can and it is REALLY expensive to acheive 

ah! and this organization don't think like you [1]. Everybody MUST code, AND must understand how these code (the tool) needs to be putted toghther to build a better world. (but again, differnet PoV) you are thinks as a Functional BUsiness Guy and the nickelodeo.... I am thinking as a guy that want access of the "information" to get "experience" that allows me build a "knowledge" that will help me to make my "customers" more profitables, efficients and build a better world.

Then again, "YES " we need more ... but, then, "Are you doing something to change that?", It doesn't matter wht OpenERP SA do, "Are you putting your seed in the field?", that's the REAL question. 


Me ha gustado discutir contigo Nhomar, pero hablas como programador y yo como usuario y aspirante a consultor. Sorry everybody.

>> NOTA IMPORTANTE: El problema es un asunto de paradigmas, cuando te los quitas te das cuenta que las cusas SIEMPRE estuvieron allí, pero debes "creer" y no "suponer"..... Bienvenido a este mundo de nerds/consultores/cantantes y gentes de negocios buscando cosas diferentes para un mundo mejor ;-) 

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