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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Vauxoo S.A. de C.V., Nhomar Hernandez
- 08/12/2014 13:22:18

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 12:20 PM, Miguel Acebes <> wrote:

@Nhomar, when the Editor of an ERP software offer a new version without a complete documentation transmit the image: 4 programmers, no a company with 10M€ for invest(recently), some must change!. The community must help and improve the software but who has to lead it is OpenERP SA.

Yeah! agreed but the verb is not "must" is "should" it mean, they are freely to decide the objective and the target of the investment.

awkward question:

The software is done by who? "programmers" then, IMHO I prefer 100 good programmers and 10 Millions than 5 very expensive markerters and 4 programmers.... 

Thats the problem (and I respect that position but is a problem) of "functional experts" they desestimate who really do the job.... "programmers" are the heart of a good system, and we "must" (again subjective) support that.

Again agreed the "editor" make the software and a great software, community "document" ... both "community and editor" build a market.

Openerp SA is building a new model with v8.0 let's see how it goes which is "marketing".


Insist that documentation must be included as a phase or stage of development gannt a new version of Odoo.

Yes, it is "one way" but not mandatory "the way", I personally prefer, very well documented code, and very well supported decisions, have you riviewed lastly github? it is great how odoo is sharing pad's with decisions taken in tasks merged.... teke a look and build some good docs in a "formal way " from there.... they invest 10 millions on software you invest a little of time in document.

Did you test the "official trainings?", you should, and then one time you participate, you can share your knowledge on the new doc platform that's (again subjective) THE WAY to build an ecosystem.

You cannot offer a product to market without full documentation.

Thats not true, You "can" but the perception will be wrong, everybody release as soon as they can with a minimal viable product.... That's normal, we must be in charge of improve the docs (and OpenERP SA too).....

Did you read last technical documentation of the core?
Did you read the las blog posts?
Did you review the new autodoc and planner system that will come in 8?
Did you check github at all?

It is preferable to take a little longer to release a new version but this well documented.

I don't think so... I prefer invest 100% on quality asurance... I can document with the speed of my implementations (even i do already), but again that's my point of view, you think different, that's ok!

Where is the functional and technical documentation of improvements in store? For example. I only saw a presentation about it, but totally insufficient.

Did you read the code?,
did you read the technical comments in the code?,
did you check the implementation on the actual modules that do the job?. 
Did you see my video about the topic 1 year ago? [1] 
did you follow the youtube channel of odoo? [2]

I really want to see the the CEO of SAP fixing things on SAP and explaining the vision of the next relaease freely availables on the web... then, ok we have leaks (no doubts) but this is opensource dude.

I would like OpenERP opine that what we are discussing. I think it's important to know your position.

I prefer they expend the time on give value to the tool, but yes it should be cool ;-)



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On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Miguel Acebes <> wrote:

@Nhomar have not understood any of my mail. Who released the new versions is OpenERP SA and not the community and should be responsible for making a great documentation.


Be careful, I am not saying Odoo is "inocent" I am saying it is "co-responsable" it is different men.


Look, I am using v8.0 since 1.5 years, testing, improving, validating "yes I am programmer" can some functional people invest them job too! ¿? , I think "yes".


It is freely available with everysingle commit.


If that means we will all need help there to help. But they have to understand that they can not release the modules undocumented. What means an saas client that can make a website without documentation?


Yes they can, and they did ;-) the issue is that the early adopters are not documenting, everybody thing easy.



Odoo must include documentation of the project as part of a new version or module. I'm not inventing the wheel gentlemen, just ask to be at least as good as SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT.


Well, I think Odoo is better (but other history), I can see the heart of the tool, read the code, and be absolutly sure something is good or not.


But yu are right (but not totally) we MUST improve as "community" the OpenSource software we are building.


My point is that it is a metter of "co-responsability", 


Ugly question just to test the retoric:


Are you agreed to invest 100k USD in build 4 books and then put them freely availables for community?


If you say "yes":


- Do it, you have the infomartion available and the community process to acheve that.


If you say "no":


- Don't worry, work as "community" and put your seed.


If you say "May be if Odoo pay me (it is the must frequently given answer)":


- Ok, then you are pushing to Odoo SA to close the code, and simple find a way to raise the necessary money to pay you (As the good tools you mentioned before which has built an incorrect model from my PoV)


I think are obvious deficiencies in the documentation, it's not a problem of my knowledge of where the contents.
If we do not recognize areas for improvement never advance.


I didn't say "No there are deficiencies" I said "It is a matter of co-responsability", that's all. If you have the knowledge or not I am not in the position of evaluate that, that's a total different point, I only can say, "Where did you look for?" to help you as community to move in the right direction.





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