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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 08/12/2014 12:52:31
Hello just a word,

yes documentation is not so good and yes it should improve and yes it should first improve in the core and in English, as every other improvement would be marginal and quickly outdated.

Now, indeed, people can not expect everything for free from OpenERP SA or any open source publisher, even from the publishers of extensions of Odoo.

There are several kind of open source license. Some open source companies like Github or Shopify use permissive license, that is they open source may be 75% of what they do but still retain the code of their core product. Other like Magento or Prestashop or Openbravo are "open core", the core is open and nearly every advanced features is paid and non consolidating as open source quality and it's probably a cause of these products not lasting too much in the market: they die instead of evolve.

But like Linux, Odoo belongs to the "copyleft" family of open source (GPL/AGPL license) meaning that all modules are open! And if it was not so, it would probably have been like Openbravo where even a localization ended up as a closed source black box package from a single publisher.
Nevertheless, development is still costing money even if having a great community can cut development costs by orders of magnitude (free testing, free patches, free extensions). And money should fund that development otherwise it stagnates just like an ERP like Apache Open For Business for instance which has no publisher behind.

So if code is all free, which is an incredible value, something else should be sold and it can be knowledge. Even if some may not find it perfect, it's a far better model to have open source code that you can freely study and change and bad documentation than having good documentation but being trapped in a proprietary code that is even likely to die soon being entirely tied with the financial fate of the proprietary publisher. No model is perfect but this one is a good balance where hackers can study the code and hep the product evolve and guarantee it while the publisher still makes some revenues.

Probably with the rise of OpenERP SA SaaS, the free core documentation will somewhat improve but people cannot also require a dedicated investment on that without a return.


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On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 1:12 PM, Nhomar Hernandez <> wrote:

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Miguel Acebes <> wrote:

@Nhomar have not understood any of my mail. Who released the new versions is OpenERP SA and not the community and should be responsible for making a great documentation.

Be careful, I am not saying Odoo is "inocent" I am saying it is "co-responsable" it is different men.

Look, I am using v8.0 since 1.5 years, testing, improving, validating "yes I am programmer" can some functional people invest them job too! ¿? , I think "yes".

It is freely available with everysingle commit.

If that means we will all need help there to help. But they have to understand that they can not release the modules undocumented. What means an saas client that can make a website without documentation?

Yes they can, and they did ;-) the issue is that the early adopters are not documenting, everybody thing easy.


Odoo must include documentation of the project as part of a new version or module. I'm not inventing the wheel gentlemen, just ask to be at least as good as SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT.

Well, I think Odoo is better (but other history), I can see the heart of the tool, read the code, and be absolutly sure something is good or not.

But yu are right (but not totally) we MUST improve as "community" the OpenSource software we are building.

My point is that it is a metter of "co-responsability", 

Ugly question just to test the retoric:

Are you agreed to invest 100k USD in build 4 books and then put them freely availables for community?

If you say "yes":

- Do it, you have the infomartion available and the community process to acheve that.

If you say "no":

- Don't worry, work as "community" and put your seed.

If you say "May be if Odoo pay me (it is the must frequently given answer)":

- Ok, then you are pushing to Odoo SA to close the code, and simple find a way to raise the necessary money to pay you (As the good tools you mentioned before which has built an incorrect model from my PoV)

I think are obvious deficiencies in the documentation, it's not a problem of my knowledge of where the contents.
If we do not recognize areas for improvement never advance.

I didn't say "No there are deficiencies" I said "It is a matter of co-responsability", that's all. If you have the knowledge or not I am not in the position of evaluate that, that's a total different point, I only can say, "Where did you look for?" to help you as community to move in the right direction.


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