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Reflection about documentation.

Miguel Acebes
- 08/12/2014 07:43:02

Good afternoon,

I would like to make a constructive reflection on what for me is one of the most obvious areas of improvement: documentation.

After browsing various websites, I could find ppt presentations, youtube videos, books, and even some functional and technical documentation on the website of odoo. All this is fine, but from my point of view always starts from the top and there is never time to lay the foundation. For a final version is released and must be accompanied by a full technical and functional documentation. The purpose of this documentation should be able to aspire to any user, customer, partner, etc. you can refer to find any questions related to the technical performance or functional official modules (and this today has not been achieved with any version of OpenERP or Odoo).

The image odoo with customers who consult the documentation is very negative (incomplete documentation, links to nonexistent pages or different versions of documentation, outdated information and so on). The videos, ppts, books, help/forum, etc. are added value contents to promote odoo, but can not be the basis on which the knowledge is built for users, customers, partners and community.


The learning curve with this documentation is very slow for users and technicians and because the software is completely friendly don’t becomes even slower.

I invite everyone to reflect on this issue to try to find a solution because the final product and the documentation are in different levels.


Best regards.