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Issue Labeling on Github

David Arnold
- 08/10/2014 00:42:16

over the last few days, we have seen an increased activity in issue labeling and assignation. That is very nice from a contributer point of perspective. I want to throw in some further comments:

- Github provides labels, milestones and assignements to classify issues
- The assignement already works a lot better thanks to the work of sle and xmo

- The labeling is an excellent way to communicate in a structured way with issue-reporters, it would be great if it could be used more, to keep engagement (sic!) high.

- The milestones would probably be the best way for internal (timely) priorization and I think people closely mirrowing the development arround the world could draw a lot of useful information out of that. I would love to see a more ine grained and increased usage.

Just some things to consider... I hope a still a lot more people would join the general issue hunt and debugging effort to provide you with a rich and structurable feedback on your developing effort.

Maybe, maybe, maybe you could trust some community contributers in a way so that they can help triaging, giving them collaborator rights in order to set proper labels (writing it like [SOMETHING] is ok, but you cannot retrieve information structurally, as no sorting/filtering is readly available).

With three classifying dimensions, we have very powerful tools to deal with the unstructuredness, I think we should use them more...

Best Regards