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Re: Module to generate doc for JSONRPC

David Arnold
- 08/10/2014 00:22:16
@Pedro: It's rather simple, and I'll consolidate the information of the links:

- When we work together, some might work with a CRLF others with a LF configuration for line endings
- This line ending by default is managed by your global github setting
- If we commit, these line endings will be changed automatically according to this global setting
- If you want to run a diff (eventually with a grep or string-search) in command line, you will get a lot of output from as it recognises line ending changes.
 -> Use case: you want to track a specific pattern (e.g. "fields.") for changes ( -> moved to new api, or db-changes)
- With .gitattributes, you can set this as per Repository, which is MUCH MORE LOGIC and prevents those problems

If I'm in real life, and if I'm part of the community (which probably both are true as a matter of fact), then *we* have found an issue already :) 

Still, doing things right from the beginning is worthwhile, so my offer persists to update the OCA repos...

Hope this is more convincing.
Thanks & regards.