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Experiences with unusual -u MODULE behaviours?

David Arnold
- 08/03/2014 00:58:33
Hi Developers

I just wanted to ask, if you also sometimes experience very weird behavious in your development workflow. I think -u is supposed to ceep your database consistend with the changes you make in the code?

Wired things I could observe, even after the usual mitigation procedures:
(Cache clearing, odoo restart, db restart)

- Blank page and hanging on a 200 HTTP operation
- eternal loop on module loading

These are very difficult to hunt down, that's probably why they are usually just quietely accepted as being "too complex to solve". (I'm thinkin loud)

So I thought a first step would be probably sharing such issues and trying to establish some common patterns out of a collection, because I think this is one of the trickier part of Anthony Lesuisse's developer friendliness...

If no one has a better idea, I would propose sharing here all those kind of behaviours, that persist

- " -u MODULE"-restart
- cache clearing

- db restart
- server restart
- db dump and trying on a fresh db (th point beeing that -u should do this persistance job on the db, right?)

Thanks for you opinion, objections, contributions, etc. I'm not even sure, if this is a good idea, but when thinking of "developer friendliness", this is an issue.

Regards, David