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Re: [Odoo] accounting roadmap v9: a survey and a doodle

David Arnold
- 07/29/2014 23:34:01
Hi Quentin, Hi Odoo

Sorry for highjacking this thread, please give me a hint if there is a better alternative available. I'm analysing Odoo Accounting these days on my own business case, and there are so many things, I notice, that could just be better. I post here in the hope that this feedback will find it's way into some stage gate process within Odoo R&D. Please give me a hint, if I can present those Ideas in a more useful way. I suppose Github Issues are not the right medium, but I somehow feel, that this mailing list isn't either. This one at least comes with a simple wireframe. Could be a good practice for further ideas...

Here is the suggestion... I would welcome your and community comments about it's general usefulness.
  • Include a many2many_tags selection field to vouchers (where tax is eligible)
    • In some countries there are more than one "fiscal concept" per invoice line
    • As this is already >1 on the per invoice line level, these countries cannot make good use of vouchers
      • except they would code group of taxes (in terms of the new tax concepts), but this would be flatting out multidimensionality (=lunacy)
Kind Regards