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Re: [Odoo] accounting roadmap v9: a survey and a doodle

David Arnold
- 07/22/2014 00:22:47
Hello Community

I just made a push of a functional alpha version of an "Advanced Tax Engine" for V8rc1

This is meant to serve the needs of more complex tax jurisdictions around the world in a generic manner. If your countries' various sales "tax" concepts depend on product, partner and company, then this might be quite useful already as is, but it is thought to be rather easily extendible.

The basic paradigms are no rocket sience and comprise:

- cluster everything in tax domains (per concept) to reduce size of decision tables
- apply concepts instead of altering them (as we are used to from the concept of fiscal positions)
- package taxes, this might not be necesary, but it helps clustering things to largest common denominator with the potential to reduce complexity

Thanks to great support from the community so far, especially Graeme, Raphael, Nhmoar, who always helped out with their expertise in the various stages. Thanks also to preliminary work of Akretion/Brasil on the community module fiscal position rules.

The roadmap for a first release would be:
- Demo Data
- Separated Views for account allocation rules and tax allocation rules
- Probably some meaningful unittests for ease of further developement

Future improvements:
- children rules, which can especifically alterate parent rules in order to further reduce size of decision tables caused by the need of flattening out exception rules...
- Criterion Operator "NOT" selectable on the User Interface, to further help reduce decision table size (thing "apply to all destination countries except the own", or even worse: citiy-wise taxes)

Known limitations right now:
- account allocation rules and tax allocation rules share the same view, therefore a rule transition is technically possible but would result in nonsense and must therefore be avided.

As a DIYer, I would be very thankful for someone to offer a professional code review, maybe already in the light of the new api. I would like this to be state of the art to lay a solid ground for the ongoing discussions about this topic in the context of the Odoo initative on accounting. I think with some decent spices here and there from your feedback, this might get a delishious dish. So please be very welcome to leave your comments on the github issue page, not only technical, also from the user space...

Thank you for your feedback! I hope it will be useful to some of you...